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  • Prince Jones

Prince Jones P.A.

MBA-ISM Broker Associate, Realtor®

RE/MAX Fort Myers, Florida

[email protected]


I have proudly served in our Armed Forces for three enlistments like many of my family members. I am also very proud that my son has also chosen to join the Armed Forces of this great country as well.

I am a Desert Storm veteran and served as a Combat Engineer (12B) as a Non-Commission Officer. During my tenure, I removed mines and explosive devices to protect our arriving soldiers.

As a Realtor, my mission is – To provide Driven Service with a Passion and Commitment. I stand firmly by the belief that I am One but only One.

“I cannot do Everything, but I can do Somethings. What I can do I Ought to do, and what I Ought to do by the grace of God I Will Do!” “Jordan Sibley”